(picture taken in 2014 with N797XJ at 10,000 feet over Waco, Texas on a Test Flight)

Mr. Brooke Watts started "The Braniff Pages" in August of 1998 at the request of John Paul Braniff, Sr. (70 years after the founding of the first Braniff)

In the 19 Plus years of The Braniff Pages, he has helped arrange Braniff Reunions in Texas and Minnesota, worked with aircraft model companies, worked with museums, written articles and assisted production companies. He has also built up a Facebook following in the thousands.

Some of the companies Mr. Watts has worked with include: Gemini Jets A.D.I., Jet-X Models, Sun Country Airlines, Frontier Airlines and British Airways. He has written articles for: Aviation Week and Space Technology, Air International Magazine and Aircraft Interiors and contributed to Aircraft Magazine. And worked with: The Discovery Channel, BBC London, BBC Birmingham, Talkback Production, CNBC, Paramount Pictures and The Travel Channel.

Mr. Watts has also been a keynote speaker at several aviation functions including the 2003 Paris, France Air Show and a 2006 Houston, Texas Air Terminal event.

A Letter from Brooke Watts:

I am proud to say the “Braniff Pages” is in its 19th year on the Internet!

Our purpose has always been to portray accurate Braniff history, both the good and bad. Some people consider us “controversial” because you won’t find the standard “P.R.” version of events here.

We Like it that way. It sets us aside from other Braniff sites that are based solely on newspaper clippings and P.R. files.

Many Braniff Executives, Pilots, Hostesses and Line Personnel have contributed over the years. So has The Braniff Family in Oklahoma. We thank them every day for their contributions.

How did I get interested in Braniff? This is a question I get often. I flew Braniff many times as a kid from D/FW airport. In fact, I was upgraded twice to First Class out of DEN in the late 70s, which of course sealed the deal for me. I was 14 years old when Braniff shutdown in 1982. I was very upset when Braniff closed its doors.

In fact, I flew Braniff II in 1985 to visit my sister in Colorado as well.

I started collecting Braniff memorabilia in the late 70s, and haven’t quit. I have 1,000s of Braniff timetables, B-Liners, internal memos, and odds and ends.

“The Braniff Pages” started in August 1998, when John Paul Braniff, Sr. asked me to publish some of his early history on 1930s Braniff. I expanded the site in January 1999 to cover the entire company.

I have enjoyed meeting Braniff employees over the years, and working with many production companies and publishers. And will continue to champion the cause of Braniff Organizations.

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