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Image from 1972 Braniff Stock

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BRANIFF...a name that evokes color.

When you think of Braniff, you are probably thinking of brightly coloured airplanes, and the designing talents of: Girard, Calder or Pucci. But, the early years at Braniff were just as colourful. This extrordinary airline was started in 1927 with two brothers, Paul and Tom Braniff, and a dream. They were aviation pioneers like: C.R. Smith of American, C.E. Woolman of Delta, Eddie Rickenbacker of Eastern, Ted Baker of National, Juan Trippe of Pan Am and many others who paved the way for commercial flight.

On this page, we plan to look at the early days of Braniff, when The Braniff's ushered in travel from the Great Lakes to the Gulf and later to South America. We look at Chuck Beard ushering in the jet age. And we cover the "Pucci"/H.L. Lawrence years thru 1982. We also look at Braniff, Inc. (II) all the way to Braniff events in 2002. Some stories are good, some raise questions, all are interesting. All information comes directly from Braniff employees, family, historians and original documents.

So sit back, relax and let US take YOU on a journey of colour!

Special thanks to: John Paul Braniff, Sr., Patrick D. Watts, George W. Cearley, Jr., Joe Mitchell, R.T. Simpson,
Elizabeth Sheppard and Howard D. Putnam
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"History is really a concensus hallucination," - James Cameron

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1933 Braniff Lockheed Vega

One of Braniff's First Pilots

Lockheed Electra 10 in Houston

Braniff DC-2 in Brownsville

Wartime schedule

FRIENDLY Transportation

Braniff Aquires Mid-Continent

Braniff Headquarters 1957-1978

Braniff's First Pressurized Airliner

Braniff 1950's Rio Poster

First BAC-111

Great Chuck Beard Era Braniff ad

Lockheed Electra II

Braniff Color Test Dc-6

707s and

Emilio Pucci Ramp Crew

Panagra/Braniff DC-8-62

The Terminal of the Future

The Braniff 'Jetrail'

2W D/FW Braniff Terminal

In 1971, Braniff changed to a two-tone scheme

BI DC-8-50s

Pucci IV hostesses with 747

747 Braniff Place

Braniff's Concorde

The Dallas Cowboy's 727

Braniff Jets Parked in 82

Braniff 727 ready for 1984 paint

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The photos and information on this page are provided in part by: Pat Zahrt, George W. Cearley, Jr., Dan Defenbaugh, FBI (Dallas), Pete Bulban, The Dallas Hist. Society, Charles Stanton, UTD - Larry Sall, The "Clipped B's", B.I.S.E., The Braniff Retirement Club, John Paul Braniff, Sr., Dick Jordan, Joe Mitchell, Heather Wyman, Irma Ellis, Glenda Wolff, Howard Putnam, John McFarlane, Wanda Brown, Diane Muse, Carl and Carrie Shea, Larry Hutton, Roland Upton, Chuck Beard, Marv and Carol Degroote, Andrew Stiffler, Geneva Baird, Fran Becker, Rupert Hoenig, R.T. Simpson, Texas DPS, Elizabeth Sheppard, Carlos Yudica, Dr. J.P. Santiago, Brian Wiklem and his son "Braniff" - Jet-X Airline Collectibles, Elliot Epstein and Dan Asher, Gemini Jets/A.D.I., The American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum, P.F.D., LTD., London, Ruth Cooper, Kate Maberly, "Le Bourget Aeroport" Paris, Aerospatiale (France) and British Aircraft Corporation, Lockheed/Martin Aircraft Co., Boeing/McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co., London Transport, Royal Mail and Brooke D. Watts' Braniff Collection.

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