Braniff Pilot Stanley T. Stanton.
Capt. Stanton was one of the first pilots hired in the early 30s.
He flew Will Rogers on many occasions, but during the depression,
money was so tight at Braniff many pilots paid for fuel out of
their own pockets.
When Capt. Stanton was not re-imbursed,
he resigned Braniff and signed
on with Trans-Western and Continental Airlines (TWA).

However, he also missed Braniff. Capt. Stanton was forced to retire
at the age of 60 from TWA. He had also flown VIPs during WWII.

(Around 1933, Paul R. Braniff arranged an oil deal with Frank Phillips of "Phillips 66," and Braniff didn't have to worry anymore about fueling their planes.)

Log sheet courtesy of Charles S. Stanton

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